Who we are

We the Mulchand Tekchand Advani Group focus on procuring Dry Fruits, Spices, Oil Seeds, Grains, Pulses of higher in quality aspects of hygiene, nutritions from well managed cultivation. Being a natural product of earth it should be cleaned before use, where application.

Our high quality products maintain the freshness and nutritional value of food products. We move on to the best value through our incredible efforts and extraordinary services for our customers.


We hope to set new standards in the food industry. Enhance the life of people who become the main producer and supplier of food products.


We have the mission to expand your base all over the globe. In addition to this, we wish to grow more in the forthcoming years.

Quality Product

We provide our customer with a premier product by offering the best quality, consistent innovation, exceptional customer service, and affordable price commitment.

WE BELIEVE IN product Quality

Dry Fruits, Spices, Oil Seeds, Grains, Pulses